Tone and Probe Generator

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  • RJ11 modular connectors
  • Tracing Telephone, Cable and Wire
  • Tone and Probe Tester Cable and Wire, RJ11
  • Built-in speaker on probe with sensitivity control
  • Traces & identifies wires / cables in a bundle or group
  • Insulated inductive probe tip prevents shorting conductors
  • Tests include wire trace / continuity test clear / busy / ringing line test and tip/ring identification

The MTC40 Tone and Probe generator traces cables using a tone generator connected on one side and at the other end the probe. This tests even when cables are in a bundle. It is easily used to verify cable continuity, pair condition, line polarity and voltage in networking cabling systems for CAT5, coax and modular telephone lines.

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Function Range
Tone & Probe Tester Cable & Wire, RJ11
Tracing Telephone, cable and wire
Continuity Yes
Enclosure Moulded casing
Batteries  2 x 9V
Weight 270g
Dimensions 231 x 56 x 27mm Probe


2x 9V Batteries
Instruction Manual