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Cable Locator

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  • CAT III 300V and CAT II 600V
  • Detects cables, electrical wire, water/gas supply pipelines concealed in walls and ground
  • Detects interruptions and short circuits in cables and concealed electrical wire
  • Tracing sockets and distribution sockets having accidentally been covered by plastering
  • The transmitter measures voltage from 12V to 400V AC/DC
  • The screen of transmitter displays preset transmitting power, transmitted codes and voltage
  • Transmitter has self-inspection displaying status on LCD
  • Both transmitter and receiver have flashlight function
  • Output signal 125kHz
  • Detects interruptions and short circuits in floor heating
  • The LCD of receiver displays preset transmitting power, transmitted codes and voltage
  • The sensitivity of the receiver can be adjusted manually or automatically
  • The receiver can sweep frequency automatically
  • Identifies fuses and assigned current circuits
  • Mute mode can be set for both the transmitter and receiver
  • Auto Power Off
  • Additional transmitters are available to extend or verify several functions

The MT195 Cable Locator is the ideal tool to detect electrical power cables, communication cables, metal pipes and much more during construction, maintenance, or renovation. Pinpoint pipes and cables in walls or underground with precision by identifying the corresponding signal number sent by the transmitter. The transmitter and receiver with their advanced digital circuit technologies ensures a highly stable and reliable performance. The transmitter not only sends signals but can be used as an AC/DC voltmeter displaying the voltage on the tested line. When testing on electrical circuits, the receiver can quickly identity circuit breakers in the distribution board of the circuit the transmitter is connected to or visa versa. The receiver displays the value of the signal measured and it can be used to check short circuits or breaks on existing installations, ideal for underfloor heating systems. The MT195 set is lightweight and is supplied with a complete set of accessories for direct measurement.

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Function Range Accuracy
Transmitter functions
Output Signal 125kHz
External Voltage Range DC 12-400V ±2.0%
AC12-400V (50/60Hz) ±2.5%
Display LCD, with function display and column chart
External Voltage Dielectric Strength Max. 400V AC/DC
Batteries 9V
Weight 420g
Dimensions 190 x 89 x 43mm
Receiver functions
Depth of Tracking Depth depends on the material specific applications
Cable Locating Mode Single Pole About 0 – 2meters
Cable Locating Mode Dual Pole About 0 – 0.5meters
Cable Locating Single Loop Line Up to 2.5meters
Display LCD, with function display and column chart
Batteries 6 x AAA
Weight 350g
Dimensions 242 x 78 x 39mm
Safety Specs CAT III 300V

Safety Ratings



Carrying Case & Shoulder Strap
Test Leads
Test Probe
Croc Clips
Grounding Rod
Instruction Manual