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Continuity and Bell Tester

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$57.20 inc. GST

  • Remotely identify and label two wires using flashing remote probes
  • Distance 3000m (26 Gauge min)
  • Lightweight and pocket size

The MT100 is a Continuity and Bell Tester that allows a single user to quickly identify and label two wires even when the wire ends are located in different rooms. The meter is simple to operate and with proper use will provide years of reliable service. Ideal instrument for electricians, alarm technicians, HVAC installers and many other applications.

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Function Range
Continuity Visual and Audio
Green Power on indicator
Red Local Continuity Flashing Red
Display LED Indicators
Enclosure Moulded casing
Low Battery Indication Yes
Battery 9V
Weight 135g
Dimensions 96 x 47 x 33mm


9v Battery
Instruction Manual