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Phase Rotation Meter

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  • CAT IV 300V and CAT III 600V
  • Large LCD Display
  • Phase rotation indication
  • 3-Phase Indication
  • Checks phase sequence and open phase simultaneously
  • Double injection rubber housing
  • Small lightweight and portable
  • Can check a wide range of 3-phase power source from 40V to 690V AC
  • Large size crocodile clips

The MT930 is a compact handheld Phase Rotation indicator that has a large LCD to indicate the phase presence and rotation. Once connected to a 3 Phase power system, the meter indicates the phase sequence by displaying its corresponding phase symbol on the LCD, as well as the rotation by arrows indicating a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The MT930 operates from 40VAC to 690VAC.

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Function Range
AC Voltage 40 – 690V
Clamp Diameter Range 20mm
Detection Method LCD Display
Measuring Frequency 15 – 400Hz
Phase Rotation Clock or Anti clock
Visual Indication LCD Indication
Colours Red, Yellow Blue
Casing Over Moulded case
Weight 130g
Dimensions 130 x 69 x 32mm
Safety Specs IEC61010-1 CAT III 600V

Safety Ratings



Set of large sized croc clips
Instruction manual


MT930 Technical Datasheet

MT930 Instruction Manual