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69kV AC High Voltage Detector

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  • Bright LED visual indication
  • Audible indication
  • AC Voltage 100V-69kV AC
  • Frequency 40-70Hz
  • Non-contact detection by proximity
  • Convenient to use neck hanging strap and case
  • On/Off switch Self-test function
  • Comply with EN 61326-1
  • Lightweight, robust and compact

The MT269 AC High Voltage Detector is a personal instrument designed to detect voltage from 100V AC to 69kV AC and alert users with bright LED indication and a loud audible buzzer sound, while approaching live equipment where dangerous voltage is present. The MT269 being a safety voltage detector is supplied in a pouch to typically be hung around the user’s neck and ensures the user stays a safe distance away from live equipment, and protects and safeguards users from approaching dangerous live high voltage equipment or cables.

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Function Range
Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) Yes
AC Voltage 100V – 69kV AC
Frequency 40 – 70 HZ
Voltage Detector Visual 2 x Hi bright red LED
Voltage Detector Audible Continuous beep
Enclosure Moulded
Battery 9V
Weight 153g
Dimensions 110 x 71 x 40mm
Safety Specs IEC61326-1


Carrying Case
9V Battery
Instruction Manual