SKU: MT2005

1000V AC/DC True RMS Thermal Multimeter

Price: $1,710.50

  • CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V
  • 6000 count 2.8” TFT Colour LCD display
  • Built-in Thermal imager with MIN/MAX
  • Temperature Range -20°C to 260°C
  • 50Hz fast Thermal image frame rate
  • DC voltage
  • AC, AC+DC TRMS Voltage
  • DC current
  • AC, AC+DC TRMS current
  • Resistance and Continuity test
  • Diode test
  • Capacity
  • Frequency
  • Duty Cycle
  • Temperature with K-type probe
  • Flexible coil current

The MT2005 Professional True RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter with built-in 80 x 80 Thermal Imager, and TFT colour LCD display, provides fast A/D converting sampling time, high accuracy. It is a fast and easy solution to find and solve problems with production equipment, providing Bluetooth technology BLE. It is a safe instrument with double molded plastic housing and has a IP65 waterproof rating.

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Function Range Resolution Accuracy
DC Voltage 600.0mV – 1000V 0.1mV ±(0.09% + 5 Digits)
AC Voltage 600.0mV – 1000V 0.1mV ±(0.8% + 5 Digits)
AC + DC TRMS Voltage 6.000V – 1000V 0.001V ±(2.4% + 20 Digits)
DC Current 600.0μA – 10A 0.1μA ±(0.9% + 5 Digits)
AC Current 600.0μA – 10A 0.1μA ±(01.2% + 5 Digits)
Flexi Coil AC Current 30.00A – 3000A 0.01A ±(0.8% + 5 Digits)
Duty Cycle 5.0% to 95.0% 0,001 ±(1.2% + 2 Digits)
Resistance 600.0Ω – 60MΩ 0.1Ω ±(0.5% + 5 Digits)
Frequency 40.00Hz -10MHz 0.01Hz ±(0.09% + 5 Digits)
Capacitance 60.00nF – 6mF 0.01nF ±(1.2% + 8 Digits)
Temperature -40 – 600°C 0.1°C ±(3.0% ± 3°C)
Imaging and Optical Data
Field of View 21° x 21°/0.5m
Spatial Resolution (IFOV) 4.53mrad
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD <0.1°C @ +30°C/100mK
Image Range 50Hz
Focus Mode Focus free
Zoom 1 x 32 x continuous, digital zoom
Focal Length 7.5mm
Focal Plane Array (FPA) / Spectral Range Uncooled microbolometer / 8-14μm
IR Resolution 80 x 80
Display 2.8″ LCD, 240 x 320 pixels
Image Modes IR Image, Visual image,
Colour Pallets Iron, rainbow, rainbow HC, grey, grey inverted
Temperature Range  -20°C – 260°C
Temperature Accuracy ±(3°C or ± 3%)
Measurement Analysis
Spot Centre spot
Automatic Hot/Cold detection Hot or cold markers
Emissivity Correction Variable 0.01 to 0.99
Measurement Corrections Emissivity, reflected temperature
Interfaces Bluetooth BLE
True RMS Measurements AC, AC+DC
AC Bandwidth 50Hz to 100KHz
Digital Display 6000 count 2.8″ TFT
Continuity Yes
Diode Test Yes
Barograph Yes
Bluetooth BLE 4.0
Records Events and Trends Yes
Data logging Yes
Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) Yes
Overrange Indication Yes
Input Impedance >10MΩ VDC & >10MΩ VAC
Low Pass Filter Yes
Min Max Yes
Peak Hold 500μs
Data Hold Yes
Back Light 240 x 320 TFT Display
Enclosure Double moulded waterproof IP65
Low Battery Indication Yes
Power Source 7.4V rechargeable li-ion, 2300mAh
Weight 540g
Dimensions 195 x 88 x 58mm
Safety Specs IEC61010-1 CAT IV 600V

Safety Ratings