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Thermo Anemometer

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  • Simultaneously displays air flow/air velocity plus ambient temperature
  • Air Velocity m/s 0.40 – 30 m/s
  • Air Velocity km/h 1.4 – 108 km/h
  • Air Velocity ft/min 80-5900 ft/min
  • Air Velocity mph 0.9 – 67.0 mph
  • Air Velocity Knots 0.8 – 58 knots
  • CMM air flow from 0.001 to 999900m³/min (area)
  • CFM air flow from 0.001 to 999900ft³/min (area)
  • Air Temperature -10°C to 60°C
  • Resolution 0.01m/s
  • 20 Points average for air flow
  • 16 Memory locations for commonly used area size
  • Wind speed measure in mph, ft/min, km/h, m/s or knots
  • Max / Min
  • Data Logging

The MT948 is an accurate Thermo Anemometer that measures Air Velocity, Air Flow and Temperature. The meter is capable of measuring CMM (cubic meters/minute) or CFM (cubic feet/minute) by simply entering the area of the air source and can store 8 memory locations for both CMM and CFM for the most commonly used area sizes that the user can recall at anytime. This Thermo Anemometer comes with a remote vane that has a built-in temperature sensor, which simultaneously displays the wind speed and temperature on the large easy -to-read backlit LCD. The MT948 is ideal for monitoring commercial and domestic air conditioning systems and is useful as the sensor can be held in the duct and the operator can read the measurements.

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Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Air Velocity m/s 0.40 – 30.00 m/s 0.01m/s ±(3%+0.20 m/s)
Air Velocity km/h 1.4 – 108.0 km/h 0.1km/h ±(3%+0.8 km/hr)
Air Velocity ft/min 80 – 5900 ft/min 1ft/min ±(3%+40 ft/min)
Air Velocity mph 0.9 – 67.0 mph 0.1mph ±(3%+0.4 mph)
Air Velocity knots 0.8 – 58.0 knots 0.1 knots ±(3%+0.4 knots)
Air Flow Cubic m/min 0 – 999900 m³/min 0.001 to 100 Area 0.000 – 999.9m²
Air Flow Cubic ft/min 0 – 999900ft³/min 0.001 to 100 Area 0.000 – 999.9ft²
Air Temperature -10 – 60°C 0.1°C ±(2.0°C)
Display Dual Function 4-digit LCD
Min Max Ave Yes
Overrange Indication Yes
Data Hold Yes
Back Light Yes
Enclosure Over moulded casing
Low Battery Indication Yes
Battery 9V
Weight 725g
Dimensions 203 x 75 x 50m, sensor head 70mm diameter


Carying Case
9V Battery
Instruction Manual