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High Voltage NCV Detector

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  • Check and detect live high voltage cables
  • Non-contact detection of live voltage
  • AC Voltage 50V-1.5kV/1.5kV-132kV
  • Two ranges of selection : High / Low
  • Power consumption :20mA
  • High & Low voltage detection mode
  • Light weight, robust and compact
  • Duty Cycle continuous

The MT273 High Voltage NCV Detector tests for energised circuits and defective grounds, for an electrician on the factory floor or power utility comparing. The MT273 Non-Contact Voltage Detector’s voltage sensor will flash blue and sound intermittently when in contact with high voltage or within close proximity of an outlet, terminal strip, or power cord.

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Function Range
Power On Indicator Flashing Blue LED
Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) Yes
AC Voltage 50V -1.5kV/1.5kV-132kV
Voltage Detector Visual Hi Bright Blue LED
Voltage Detector Audible Continuous Beep
Enclosure Moulded
Battery 9V
Weight 175g
Dimensions 245 x 80 x 37mm
Safety Specs IEC61326-1


Carrying Case
9V Battery
Instruction manual