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Sound Level Meter

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  • A and C level weighting for checking in compliance with safety regulations IEC61672-1 class 2
  • Level weighting 30dB to 130dB
  • Frequency Range 8kHz
  • Dynamic Range 100dB
  • Min/Max measurements
  • Background noise absorber
  • 1.4dB accuracy
  • Fast / slow response
  • Analogue AC / DC outputs
  • Data logger function
  • Memory for 32 700 readings

The MT975 is a professional Sound Level Meter that  offers A and C weighting measurements, maximum hold function and Slow and Fast response. The AC/DC outputs are ideal for connections to frequency analyser, level recorder, FFT analyser and graphic recorder or X-Y chart recorder. The MT975 meter is ideal for all general purpose measurements and the Level Function is designed for noise project, quality control, illness prevention and cure, plus all kinds of environmental sound measurements. It can be used to measure noise in factories, schools, airports and home, etc. Other uses could be for checking acoustics of studios, auditoriums and Hi-Lo installations.

This Sound Level Meter is auto ranging and has a large backlit LCD with the benefit of a Quasi-Analogue bar indicator. Features include an analogue output, Min/Max record can be interfaced with a computer via the USB interface, software and cable are supplied as standard accessories.

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Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Level Ranges Low 30dB – 80dB 0.1dB ±(1.4dB)
Level Ranges Medium 50dB – 100dB 0.1dB ±(1.4dB)
Level Ranges High 80dB – 130dB 0.1dB ±(1.4dB)
Level Ranges Auto 30dB – 130dB 0.1dB ±(1.4dB)
Frequency Range 31.5Hz – 8KHz
Dynamic Range 50dB – 100dB
Digital Display 4-digit LCD Display
Frequency Weighting A/C
Time Weighting Fast (125ms) Slow (1s)
Microphone 0.5″ Electret condenser
Min Max Ave Yes
Alarm Function “over” and “under” limit range
Data Output AC/DC from earphone, AC=1Vrms, DC=10mV/dB
Data Logging 32 700 readings
Pc Interface USB
Overrange Indication Yes
Data Hold Yes
Back Light Yes
Enclosure Over moulded casing
Low Battery Indication Yes
Battery 9V
Weight 350g
Dimensions 278 x 76 x 50mm


Carrying Case
9V Battery
Instruction Manual
USB Cable
Tripod Stand