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Loop Impedance PSC and PSF Tester

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  • Two types of Earth Loop Impedance tests including Non-Trip & Trip Hi-Amp
  • Automatically display the wiring status as well as test results
  • Smart wiring indicators that visual alerts for reversed wiring and socket wiring status
  • Simultaneous display of loop impedance, PSC/PFC and RE
  • Automatic AC/DC Voltage Detection up to 500V
  • Phase rotation test ensures correct phase sequence in three-phase systems
  • Auto lock-out feature prevents damage from overheating
  • Bluetooth allows for seamless data transfer and monitoring
  • Double moulded rubber housing for protection in harsh environments

The MT355 is a simple to use Earth Loop Impedance tester designed to make the accurate measurements of Earth Loop Impedance and Neutral Loop Impedance (Phase Neutral Impedance) quick and easy. The MT355 performs two types of tests, the first being No-Trip technology to avoid tripping of RCD’s (ELCB’s) whist performing the Loop Impedance Tests. The second test is the “TRIP” test, where high current <15A is used for the Loop Impedance test where the RCD (ELCB) must be bypassed, this is by and large the fastest and most accurate test available. The MT355 will automatically display the wiring status as well as test results for both Loop Impedance and Prospective Short Circuit current (PSC)/ Prospective Fault Current (PFC) for both NO-TRIP and TRIP tests. Earth Resistance RE is only activated in the L-PE “NO-TRIP” mode, and uses the Loop method to measure the RE. The instrument can automatically differentiate between AC and DC voltages up to 500V, if AC voltage is detected, the display indicates the AC voltage and mains frequency. The MT355 has a Phase Rotation Test, where the display indicates “123” for correct phase sequence and “321” for reversed phase sequence. With the Bluetooth function, users can transmit data to the Android or iOS mobile App for viewing, organising, and sharing recordings. The meter has a double moulded rubber case designed for heavy duty use.

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Function Range
Loop Impedance L-PE (Hi Amp & No-Trip) 0.20Ω – 9999Ω
RE (Loop Method) 0.20Ω – 9999Ω
L-N Resistance 0.20Ω – 9999Ω
PSC/PFC Range 0 – 2kA
AC Voltage 50V – 500V
DC Voltage 0V – 500V
Frequency 45Hz – 65Hz
Bluetooth 4.0
Display LCD Display
Batteries 6 x AA
Dimensions 200 x 95 x 50mm
Weight 700g

Safety Ratings


  • Distribution Board Test Leads
  • Croc Clips
  • Plug in cord with IEC Connector
  • Carrying Case
  • MTMAG: Magnetic Strip
  • 6 x AA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual