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Loop Calibrator

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  • Active current output: range: 0~24mA
  • Maximum load: 750Ω
  • Passive current output: range: 0-24 mA
  • External power supply up to 30V
  • Voltage output: range: 0-24 V
  • Maximum current 30mA
  • 24V voltage output
  • Drive current: 24mA
  • XMT Passive Current Signal
  • Current input measurement: range: 0-24 mA
  • Voltage input measurement: range: 0-30 V
  • Real-time Curve: The changing trend of input and output signals can be displayed by drawing a curve, and the sampling time of the curve can be set.
  • It can also automatically adjust the display curve within the range of maximum and minimum values in a certain period
  • PWM output (frequency): Range: 0-9999Hz
  • The high-definition 240*320 TFT colour LCD screen ensures readings are easily viewed
  • Built-in 3000mAh lithium rechargeable battery power supply with standby time of around 26 hours; the using time varies, based on the usage (It can be 8-10 hours with 20mA continuous output)

The MT993 is a versatile Loop calibrator and signal generator designed for effortless sourcing and measurement of various process parameters, making it an ideal tool for testing most process devices. With two independent channels, this device allows simultaneous measurement, sourcing, and viewing of process signals, covering volts, mA, frequency, and resistance for thorough testing of sensors and transmitters. Primarily utilized for debugging industrial field PLC, process instrumentation, electric and Pneumatic valves, the MT993 signal generator boasts a user friendly operation interface, ensuring ease of use with a long standby time and high precision. The output features customizable functions, allowing users to set upper and lower limits based on their requirements. Experience enhanced functionality with PWM output, enabling users to set the frequency and duty cycle independently. Real-time curve monitoring facilitates the observation of voltage and current changes. The adjustable button backlight and high-definition TFT colour LCD screen ensure convenient operation both day and night. Designed with portability in mind, the MT993 comes in a miniature size that is easy to carry. Whether in a bag or car, this device can be taken anywhere, providing flexibility for usage whenever and wherever needed. Elevate your testing capabilities with the MT993 Loop calibrator and signal generator.

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Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Active Current Ouput 0 to 24mA 0.001mA ± (0.01% + 0.005)
Passive Current Output 0 to 24mA 0.001mA ± (0.01% + 0.005)
Voltage Output 0 to 24V 0.01V ± (0.01% + 0.005)
24V Loop 0 to 24mA 0.01mA ± (0.01% + 0.005)
Frequency Output 0 to 9999Hz 5 digits ± (2%)
Current Input 0 to 24mA 0.01mA ± (0.01% + 0.005)
Voltage Input 0V – 30V 0.01V ± (0.01% + 0.005)
Dimensions 112 x 82 x 27mm
Weight 165g


  • Alligator Test Clips
  • Charger and Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual