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Industrial RCD (ELCB) Tester

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  • CAT III 450V
  • Microprocessor controlled for accuracy and reliability
  • Direct readout of disconnection time
  • Voltage Measurement 450V
  • Frequency Response 60Hz
  • Test Current 1000mA
  • Measuring Range 0.1ms, 100s
  • Display mA Sensitivity
  • Indicates tripping phase angle
  • 0° or 180° Phase angle selection
  • Operating voltage 100V – 450V L-E
  • Checks ELCB trip time and trip point sensitivity
  • Auto Off
  • Built-in 100s Timer
  • MT319 is an optional 3-phase adaptor

The MT328 is a Microprocessor controlled Industrial Earth Leakage tester designed to operate on 550V, 380V and 220V systems, or circuits with a maximum of 450V AC (L-E). The MT328 has been designed for ease of operation while still maintaining safety, reliability and accuracy thus providing consistent results throughout all operating ranges. The MT328 offers both the Trip Time and the Sensitivity at which the ELCB tripped.

The Trip can be timed to a maximum of 100 Seconds, while the sensitivity can either be set at a certain milli amp rating or the operator can simply let the instrument ramp to 1000mA. The MT328 is ideally suited for Mining, Industrial and Domestic applications.

MT319 Optional Accessory:

The MT328 is a powerful meter when used for testing Industrial Earth Leakage devices. The test procedure is quite simple when performing tests on the open terminals between L1 and Earth, L2 and Earth and L3 and Earth as the test leads can simply be connected to each phase. Simply connect the black lead with the crocodile clip to the Earth terminal and the Red prod to the Phase terminal under test, the test button can then be pressed to either determine the trip time or the mA leakage current.

However in more industrial applications where an ELCB test needs to be performed on Industrial sockets etc, where there are 3-phase circuits, it is cumbersome to try perform the test due to space issues plus encountering the spring loaded cover of the socket, for this reason the MT319 3-Phase Socket Adaptor was developed. The MT319 allows for standard 4mm test leads to be connected to the MT328, and any type of Industrial plug to be connected to the open ends of the cable. Once the plug has been inserted into the industrial socket, one can begin the test. There is a rotary switch on the side of the MT319 where the user can select L1, L2 or L3 of 3-phase circuits for testing.

Where a number of different industrial plugs are required for different testing purposes, one can simply use more MT319 adaptors. The MTKBAG Heavy Duty Meter Bag is the ideal carrying case for housing the MT328 and all the MT319 adaptors.

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Function Range Accuracy
Voltage Measurement 115V to 450V ± (5%)
Frequency Response 50/60Hz
Test Current 5mA to 1000mA
Measuring Range 0.1ms, 100s ± (1ms)
Phase Angle Selection 0° to 180°
Display Dual display
Enclosure Moulded case
Low Battery Indication Yes
Batteries 8 x AA
Weight 800g
Dimensions 170 x 120 x 95mm
Safety Specs IEC61010-1 CAT III 450V

Safety Ratings


Pouch for leads
Test leads
Instruction Manual