Hydraulic Crimping Tool Set

Price: $878.90

  • Crimping force: 22 T (Max)
  • Stroke: 22mm
  • Crimping range: 16mm² – 400mm² (Max)
  • Crimping type: Hexagon
  • Copper conductor size
  • Crimping dies (Included):
    16mm²; 25mm²; 35mm²; 50mm²; 70mm²; 95mm²; 120mm²; 150mm²; 185mm²; 240mm²;
    300mm²; 400mm²

Professional crimping tools offer unbeatable value and performance for every application!
This range features high quality drop forged crimpers and full ratchet mechanisms with controlled calibrator assembly to comply with ISO 9000 standard requirements.

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