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Hot Wire Thermo Anemometer

Price: $522.50

  • Thermal anemometer, for low air velocity measurement
  • Combination of hot wire and standard thermistor deliver rapid, precise measurements
  • Slim probe ideal for grillers and diffusers
  • Temperature 0°C to 50°C
  • Max / Min
  • Recall / Data Hold
  • Thermistor sensor for temperature measurement – fast response
  • Displays air velocity and temperature simultaneously
  • Air flow measure in mph, ft/min, MPH, km/h, m/s or knots
  • Microprocessor circuit for maximum accuracy
  • Large LCD with back light
  • Provides fast and accurate readings

The MT945 is microprocessor designed for low air velocity and the slim probe makes it ideal for grilles and diffuses. The combination of hot wire and standard thermistor, delivers rapid and precise measurements even at low velocity values. The telescoping probe is ideal for measuring HVAC ducts and other small vents.

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Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Air Velocity m/s 0.1 – 25.0 m/s 0.01m/s ±(5%+1) or ±(1%+1) full scale
Air Velocity km/h 0.3 – 90.0 km/h 0.1km/h ±(5%+1) or ±(1%+1) full scale
Air Velocity ft/min 20 – 4925 ft/min 1ft/min ±(5%+1) or ±(1%+1) full scale
Air Velocity mph 0.2 – 55.8 mph 0.1mph ±(5%+1) or ±(1%+1) full scale
Air Velocity knots 0.2 – 48.5 knots 0.1 knots ±(5%+1) or ±(1%+1) full scale
Air Temperature 0 – 50°C 0.1°C ±(1.0°C)
Display Dual Function 4-digit LCD
Min Max Ave Yes
Overrange Indication Yes
Data Hold Yes
Back Light Yes
Enclosure Over moulded casing
Low Battery Indication Yes
Battery 9V
Weight 280g
Dimensions 210 x 75 x 50mm


Carrying Case
9V Battery
Instruction Manual
Anemo Probe
Power Adaptor