SKU: MT980

Halogen Leak Detector

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$460.90 inc. GST

  • Technological design for detecting current halogen based gases
  • Sensitivity 100ppm of R – 134a / R – 22
  • Sensor Type Low Power Semiconductor
  • Detects CFC & HFC
  • Detects R32 refrigerants
  • Flexible 40cm gooseneck
  • Visual leak detection by LED indicators
  • Adjustable tick rate to locate leaks quickly and easily
  • Precision sensor detects event the smallest leaks
  • Includes earphone Jack

The refrigerant leak detector detects all CFC refrigerants such as R-22, R-124, R-11 and R-12. The ultra-sensitive long life sensor detects the more current and difficult and difficult to detect HFC refrigerants such as r32, R-134, R-404A, and new R-22 replacements, R410A and R-407C. The MT980 comes with a 16″ long, slim gooseneck probe that is easy to use in hard-to-reach places. The detector is an easy to use one handed operation with thumb controlled tick adjustable knob. The tick sound accelerates when the sensor tip approaches the leak.


Function Range
Sensitivity 100ppm of R134a/-22
Sensor Type Low power semiconductor
Warm Up Time Approx. 60 seconds
Response Time Less than 2 sec (up to 40% lel)
Duty Cycle Continuous
Probe Length 16″
Alarm Visible and audible at 10% Lel for all Choroflucarbons (CFC)
Enclosure Moulded casing
Batteries 3 x D
Weight 498g
Dimensions 221 x 72 x 46mm


Carrying Case
Instruction Manual