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SKU: MT24 Combo3

EOFY MT24Combo3

$195.00 ex. GST
$214.50 inc. GST

  • MT720: 400A AC TRMS Clamp Meter
  • MT310: Socket ELCB Tester
  • MT403: IP67 1000V NCV Detector

MT720 400A AC TRMS Clamp Meter

  • CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000V
  • 4000 count backlit LCD display
  • AC and DC Voltage 1000V
  • AC Current 400A
  • Resistance 40Mꭥ
  • Frequency 100kHz
  • Capacitance 99.99mF
  • Temperate -20 to 1000˚C
  • Duty Cycle 80%
  • Ø30mm Cable Clamp size
  • INRUSH Current Measurements
  • VFD – Variable Frequency Drive voltage value
  • NCV – Non-Contact Voltage Detector
  • Built-In Flashlight
  • Continuity buzzer and Diode Test
  • Peak Mode and Data Hold function
  • Auto Power Off

MT310 Socket ELCB Tester 

  • CAT IV 300V and CAT III 600V
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use
  • AC Voltage Measurement 245V
  • Frequency Response 60Hz
  • Test Current 35mA
  • Correct Wiring Indication with neon lights
  • Operates on 230V systems
  • AC Voltage measurement on LCD display
  • Fixed current settings from 10mA to 35mA
  • Separate test button
  • Double injection rubber housing

MT403 IP67 1000V NCV Detector

  • IEC61010-1 CAT IV 1000V
  • IP67 waterproof and dust proof
  • AC Voltage 1000V
  • Frequency 60Hz
  • Thinner probe tip for working with socket outlets
  • Green LED means Power on, flashing red LED with beeper means Voltage detected
  • Two modes, green indicates high voltage mode, Yellow LED 12V Mode
  • Flash and beep rate increases as the detector gets closer to the voltage.
  • Power On/Off with silent mode
  • 2m drop-proof