Contractors Test Kit

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Kit Includes :

  • MT720 – 400A AC Clamp Meter
  • MT691 – 650⁰C Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer
  • MT310 – ELCB Tester
  • MT150 – 50m Laser Distance Meter
  • MT100 – Continuity and Bell Tester
  • MTKBAG – Heavy Duty Meter Case

The MTK15 is a contractors kit which includes a clamp meter, infrared thermometer, ELCB tester, laser distance meter and continuity & bell tester in a heavy duty meter case.

  • MT720 – 400A AC Clamp Meter
    • CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000V
    • 4000 count backlit LCD display
    • Ø30mm Cable Clamp size
    • Measurement of DC voltage and AC voltage up to 1000V
    • Capacitance to 100mF
    • Temperature measurement from -20⁰C to 1000⁰C
    • INRUSH Current Measurements
    • VFD – Variable Frequency Drive voltage value
    • NCV – Non-Contact Voltage Detector
    • Continuity buzzer and Diode Test
    • Peak Mode and Data Hold function
  • MT691 – Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer
    • Spot Ratio 12:1
    • Temperature -50⁰C to 650⁰C
    • Response time 150ms
    • Adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.0
    • Dual laser sighting
    • Selectable ⁰C or ⁰F
    • Automatic Data Hold
    • MIN, MAX, AVG and DIF temperature displays
    • Set High and Low alarms
    • Automatic selection range and Display Resolution
    • IP54 rated for dust and waterproof
  • MT310 – ELCB Tester
    • CAT IV 300V and CAT III 600V
    • Compact, lightweight and easy to use
    • Correct Wiring Indication with neon lights
    • Operates on 230V systems
    • AC Voltage measurement on LCD display
    • Fixed current settings from 10mA to 35mA
    • Separate test button
    • Double injection rubber housing
  • MT150 – 50m Laser Distance Meter
    • Bluetooth 4.0 with App support
    • Distance measuring and estimate tool
    • Area, Volume calculations
    • Measures up to 50m with 1.5mm accuracy
    • Indirect measurement using Pythagoras
    • Addition / Subtraction
    • Continuous measurement
    • Min / Max distance tracking
    • Display illumination and multi-line display
    • Store 20 measurements
    • IP54 spash and dust resistant
  • MT100 – Continuity and Bell Tester
    • Remotely identify and label two wires using flashing remote probes
    • Distance 3000m (26 Gauge min)
    • Lightweight and pocket size
  • MTKBAG – Heavy Duty Meter Case
    • Carrying case to house a range of meters the user needs to carry at any one time
    • Specially designed by Major Tech to be compact with a shoulder strap
    • Adjustable compartments for bigger instruments or tools
    • Pocket for instruction manuals or documentation
    • Size – 220mm (H) x 450mm (W) x 200mm (D)
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