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Coating Thickness Tester

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  • Dual technology
  • Automatic selection of Magnetic Induction or Eddy Current measurement techniques
  • Sensor Probes FE and Non-FE
  • Measuring Range FE 0-1350μm, 0-53.1 mils and Non-FE 0-1350μm, 0-53.1 mils
  • Resolution Precision FE and Non-FE 0μm – 100um (0.1 urn)
  • Memory 320 reading
  • Non-magnetic coating (paint, zinc) on steel
  • Insulating Coatings (paint) on non-ferrous metals
  • No-ferrous metal coatings on insulating substrates
  • Continue & Single mode
  • Working modes: Direct & Group
  • Static display : Min / Max / Average / No / S.Dev
  • High / Low alarm
  • USB Interface

The MT155 is a compact and handy gauge, designed for non-destructive, fast and precise coating thickness measurements. It is adaptable and can be used on special geometries or on materials with special properties. The coating thickness gauge works either on the magnetic induction principle or on the eddy current principle, depending on the type of probe used, the MT155 has 31 working modes. The MT155 display the measured values and user information on the LCD, the back light ensures easy reading of screen data in dark conditions. The probe systems are spring-mounted in the probe sleeve this ensures safe and stable positioning of the probe and constant pressure. The hemispherical tip of the probe is made of hard and durable material.

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Function Range Resolution
Sensor Probe Fe Non-Fe
Working Principle Magnetic Induction Eddy current principle
Measuring Range 0-1350μm, 0-53.1 mils 0-1350μm, 0-53.1 mils
Guaranteed Tolerance 0-1000μm ±(2.5%+2μm), 0-39.3mils ±(2%+0.08mils) 0-1000μm ±(2.5%+2μm), 0-39.3mils ±(2%+0.08mils)
Resolution Precision 0μm – 100um (0.1 urn) 0μm – 100um (0.1 urn)
Minimum Curvature Radius 1.5mm 3.0mm
Diameter of Minimum Area 7.0mm 5.0mm
Basic Critical Thickness 0.5mm 0.3mm
Calibration Procedure Yes
Digital Display LCD Display
Bargraph Yes
Overrange Indication Yes
Min Max Yes
Memory 1500 readings
Interface USB for PC analysis software
Back Light Yes
Enclosure Moulded Casing
Low Battery Indication Yes
Batteries 2 x AAA
Weight 110g
Dimensions 113.5 x 54 x 27mm


Hard Carrying case
2 x AAA Batteries
Instruction manual
Software CD
USB Cable
Coating Thickness Standards