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Bluetooth Insulation Tester and Multimeter

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  • CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V
  • IP65 double moulded rugged waterproof housing
  • 5 insulation test ranges 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V
  • Insulation Resistance up to 5GΩ
  • 50 000 count with analogue bargraph backlit LCD display
  • Measures AC and DC voltage up to 1000V
  • Measures AC and DC current up to 10A
  • Temperature measurement from -50⁰C to 1200⁰C
  • Capacitance to 10mF
  • Frequency to 10MHz
  • Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR)
  • Polarization Index (PI)
  • Low Pass Filter for measurement of variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Auto discharge of voltage test signal
  • Peak Hold function for Voltage and Current measurements
  • Download stored data to iOS or Android App via Bluetooth
  • Continuity buzzer
  • Min/Max and Data Hold function
  • Auto Power Off

The MT565 is a combination of a True RMS multimeter and an Insulation Continuity tester. The MT565 measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle and temperature. The Low pass filter can accurately measure variable frequency drive (VFD) signals. The insulation tester offers 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, and 1000V ranges with an insulation resistance up to 5000MΩ, DAR and Auto PI functions with adjustable time setting and an auto discharge. The Low Ohm function offers a resolution of 1mA and an open circuit voltage of 5V. The meter has a 50 000 count LCD dual display with an analogue bar graph, and the CAT IV 600V rating ensures the highest level of safety. The unit offers Bluetooth communication and an internal memory to store and transfer information. The Bluetooth app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. This provides maximum versatility and a wide range of features for both trouble shooting and preventative maintenance electricians.

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Function Range Resolution Accuracy
DC Voltage 500mV – 1000V 0.01mV ±(0.1% +4)
AC Voltage 500mV – 1000V 0.01mV ±(1.0% +5)
DC Current 500.μA – 10A 0.01μA ±(0.1% +3)
AC Current 500μA – 10A 0.01μA ±(1.5% +3)
Duty Cycle 5 to 95% 0.0001 ±(1% +2)
Resistance 500Ω – 50MΩ 0.01Ω ±(1% +4)
Frequency 50Hz – 50MHz 0.001Hz ±(0.3% +2)
Capacitance 500nF – 5.000mF 0.01nF ±(3.5% +9)
Temperature -50 to 1200°C 0.1°C  ±(1.0% + 2.5°C)
Insulation 50V 0.050 -2000MΩ 0.001MΩ ±(5% +5)
Insulation 100V 0.100 – 5000MΩ 0.001MΩ ±(5% +5)
Short Circuit Current 1mA
Overrange Indication Yes
True RMS Measurements AC
AC Bandwidth 50Hz to 1000Hz
Digital Display 50 000
Continuity Yes
Polarization Index PI = IR10min/IR1min
Diode Test Yes
Bargraph Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Records Events and Trends Yes
Data Logging Yes
Input Impedance >10MΩ VDC & >9MΩ VAC
Low Pass Filter Yes
Min Max Yes
Peak Hold >1ms
Data Hold Yes
Back Light Yes
Enclosure Double moulded IP65
Low Battery Indication Yes
Batteries 6 x AA
Weight 634g
Dimensions 210 x 97 x 68 mm
Safety Specs IEC61010-1 CAT IV 600V

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Test Leads
Remote Test Leads
Black Croc Lead
Hard Carrying Case
6 x AA Batteries
Instruction Manual


MT565 Technical Datasheet

MT565 Instruction Manual