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AC Voltage & Current Data Logger

Price: $341.00

  • Magnetic back plate for easy of attachment to metal surfaces
  • Each channel can record up to 50022 data
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • Graphical and Printed Text information
  • Battery or AC power supply

The MT250 is designed for easy of use in recording AC Voltage and Current. The Logger can be programmed simply via USB interface from your PC. 1 second rapid sampling rate variable to 24 hours. LCD display of Voltage or Current for quick reference checks.

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Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Voltage (RMS) 6 – 600.0V 0.1V ±(2% ±1V)
Current (RMS) 2 – 200A 0.1A 100mA ±(2.0% ± 0.9%) f.s. +accuracy of sensor
Trigger 100mA ±(3.5% ± 2.2%) f.s. + accuracy of sensor
Capture PQA 100mA ±(3.0% ± 1.7%) f.s. + accuracy of sensor
Crest Factor 2.5 or less: RMS (sine) +2% +1%f.s. 95% or less of each range
Allowable Input 50/60Hz, 10% or more of the range Ch1
Display Range 0-105% of each range
Frequency Range 40 – 1KHz
Wiring Connections 2 Channel
Measurements and Parameters Voltage, Current
Sampling Speed 1second to 24Hour
Internal Memory 100,044 points current or voltage, 50,022 points channel current and voltage
PC Communication USB
Display Range 0-105% of each range
Display Update Period Real time
Enclosure Over Moulded casing
Power Source AC External DC9V (special AC Adapter)
Power Source DC 4 x R6P
Weight 248g
Dimensions 114 x 63 x 34mm
Safety Specs IEC 61010-1 Cat III 300V
Included Accessories USB Cable, Voltage lead, Current Clamp, Manual, 4 x R6P Batteries


Carrying case
AAA Batteries
Test leads
Instruction manual
USB cable