600mm Spirit Level

$11.00 ex. GST
$12.10 inc. GST

  • 3 Way horizontal, vertical and 45° angle fi nding
  • Tough, hardened aluminium
  • Accuracy 0.5mm per 1 metre (0.0286°) in normal position
  • Vials have a yellowish-green tint with additives for UV protection
  • Fixed all round viewing
  • Protective end caps
  • Shock resistant vials
  • Size: 600mm (L) x 20mm (W) x 55mm (H)

The SLM24 spirit level, are shaped like a barrel, to measure slope in fractions per foot of pitch; and are made from tough, hardened aluminium. The SLM24 spirit level is accurate to 0.5mm per 1 metre (0.0286 degrees) in a normal position.

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