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Revolutionize your electrical measurements with Major Tech’s test instrumentation and the newly launched Meter-X app.

Major Tech is offering electrical contractors the ability to improve their efficiency and streamline their productivity through a range of instruments equipped with Bluetooth to make data recording and reporting simple. To support this, the company has launched its Meter-X Bluetooth app that can be downloaded on the Apples App Store and Androids Play Store.

Far from the days of having to record measurements on paper and then take them back to the office to draw up a report, Major Tech Bluetooth meters eliminates all the hassles. With any one of Major Tech’s Bluetooth meters and the Meter-X app, real time readings and recordings can be easily sent as a report to an email address or many different social media platforms.

Meter-X is easy to use with a friendly user interface and the ability to display trends in real time, either in a graphical or numeric format. Users can even set high or low alarm thresholds which, if reached, will push onscreen messages to the user’s smartphone with the relevant data and timestamps. The ability to compare logs from different timeframes as well as different meters is also included.

Producing professional reports is also built into Meter-X, with users able to create reports, including custom reports in PDF format in seconds. Images can also be included in the report to make sure the recipients receive a comprehensive overview of the measurements taken.

Major Tech is focused on providing the tools and resources electrical contractors require to manage measurement tasks and produce professional reports safely and efficiently. The company’s devices are designed for electricians, electrical engineers, renewable energy, maintenance, automotive and field service technicians.

With years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high quality, safe electrical meters, the Major Tech brand is renowned for its products and service, constantly innovating to make electrical work faster, safer, and accurate.

Visit www.majortech.com.au to view Major Tech’s Bluetooth meters and download Meter-X from your smartphone’s app store.

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